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Neurone Recruitment Process

Here at Neurone, we take pride in our recruitment process which leaves near zero error and lapse of assessment. Our programs is designed to eliminate the risks of bad hiring.

These risks may plagued your business if you choose an incompatible candidate, however Neurone has solutions in place to combat these risks:


Complicated Transition Process

Swift and without drama, Neurone keeps the pipeline running smoothly. Taking away the hassle and lengthy period of interviews, tests and other necessary requirements for your steller new comers.


Inferior Talent Qualities

Never take less than what you deserve, do not compromise the value of human resources for your business. Rest assured that the candidates presented by Neurone will be the cream of the crop, with no shortcuts and no easy process invested in every selection process. 


Low Level Morale

Nothing is more contagious than discontent, it spreads like wildfire!. There should be no place in your business where the lazy and incompetent thrive, take extra precations to not letting anyone undeserving into your business.


Poor Cultural Compatibility

In many cases, the new hire will need to adapt to the company’s cultural values. This can be quite a challenge as we all are coming from diverse backgrounds, especially if your new hires are immigrants or from different cultures. This might cause some rifts between the employees and between the employee and the companies.


Neurone emphasises the importance of the recruitment process as a mean to further improve and enhance your business performance. It is only natural that having the right people, with the suitable skill sets and attitude will be your priority. Take a look at these our principle in finding the best candidates for your business;

neurone first step

Discover(y) / Understanding

Our career consultants spend hours to truly gain a deep understanding of your company’s core values. Allowing us to identify and choose the most suitable candidate that fits both culturally and professionally.

neurone third step

Identification / Listing

Our Career Consultants will create a list of sought after qualities based on your company’s core values. This list will identify how your company will become a workplace of choice.

neurone second step

Fitting & Proper Test / Profiling & Screening

Neurone will never take any shortcuts or easy path to find your new hire. Our profiling and screening process consist of a rigorous standard and strict strategy to find the right candidate with both professional & cultural fit for your company.
neurone fourth step

Interview & Background Checks

Running a business is a tough job, ensuring all the different parts working properly is a constant challenge. We go through the extra mile by looking through the guidance starting from the initial offer to resignation reviews & beyond to ensure your business will not be at risk.
neurone fifth step

Post Recruitment / Performance Review

Neurone’s service does not end at the moment your new hire is decided. Our career consultants and business development manager remain at arms’ length. We do a performance review of your new hires’ growth. We also offer insightful strategy & development processes to help ensure your team is highly motivated and productive.



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Neurone is Perth-based professional recruitment agency, we offer excellent recruitment service for many Australian businesses. As an employment agency, Neurone have assisted hundreds of job seekers both in Australia and beyond to find their perfect job. Our goal is to accommodate and facilitate both job seekers and service seekers to find the best possible options to their hiring needs.

Fast Hiring Process

Neurone provide speedy hiring programs designed to deliver only the best candidates for your company. Our aim is to provide you with the most satisfying recruiting experience, by taking away the hassle and the tedious screening process.


Neurone offers large talent pools of highly driven candidates that have fulfilled the highly strict requirements. Ensuring only the best of the workforce to join your organisations, Neurone guarantees the performance, loyalty and motivation of our talents.

Intrigued by what Neurone can bring to the table? Talk with our representatives.

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The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.

As the world slowly enters the reset point post Covid-19, there are many issues with the shortage of skilled workers due to a range of factors. Some of it caused by the pandemic and border closures, Australia is in dire need of labour forces, both casual and skilled.