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Prior to the pandemic, Australia was able to fulfil its need for skilled workers by relying on an annual combined total of 650,000 international students and working holiday makers. They are employed in different sectors and in various roles, providing enough talentpool for skilled workers against the shortages Australia faced.

However, these numbers quickly evaporated when Australia closed its borders amidst the pandemic. Skilled worker migration offers significant opportunities for Australians to acquire the otherwise hard to obtain skills.

Benefits of Skilled Migrant Workers for Australia

Australia offers bigger opportunities for foreign job seekers, with numerous sectors that suit both your specifications and aspirations. This is because skilled workers are valuable assets for businesses, they help move the economy and reinvigorate the vitality of Australia’s economic growth.

Furthermore, skilled workers migration offers the following benefits:

Skill Gaps Filling

Migrant skilled workers enable businesses to solve skill shortages, allowing them to solve any issues both in terms of both expertise and skills. It offers a straightforward solutions to difficulties in acquiring skilled and experienced workers

Knowledge Sharing

Migrant skilled workers will contribute to the attempt to further foster and acquire certain skills and industry knowledge through mentoring and peer teaching. It explores additional options for further skill development for the Australian workforce.

New Market Expansions

Migrant skilled workers are only supplying Australian businesses with their skills, expertise and experience. Through their presence it also provides new cultural and heritage, expanding further the limits and scopes for business to flourish

Cultures Enrichments

Migrant skilled workers further strengthen Australia’s cultural diversity, offering a solid foothold for both economic and social development. Another key importance of this program is it balanced gender equality and fosters better future generations.

There are huge long-term benefits from a skilled worker migration program that spans beyond economic growth. If you are interested in sponsoring a skilled worker for your business, please contact our Human Resources Specialist.


Why Do You Have to Consider Australia?

As skilled job seekers, you obviously have numerous opportunities both close to home and abroad. This raises a question on why you should consider migrating to Australia, and what are the advantages it offers for you both present and future.

By migrating to Australia, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Better Employment Opportunities

Australia offers more opportunities for employment considering the dynamic growth of the Australian economic sector. Job seekers will be able to explore further options highly unmatched by other countries, especially for certain sectors such as agriculture, mining & engineering and hospitality.

Excellent Career Growth Provision

Australia is a hot spot for skilled workers and talent from all over the global, it’s growing economy makes job advancement and growth more favourable. Australia is a country that suffers no bias of who you were which offers a levelled competitive field for you to advance your career.

High Living Standards

Australia boasts a higher standard of living compared to most other countries, it offers considerable proof of the country’s economic growth. It ranges from various facilities, products and services that you can find. Moreover, Australia has a much better safety level and lower crime rate compared to many of its neighbouring countries.

Rewarding Future Opportunities

One of the biggest reasons to migrate is to find better opportunities, therefore Australia is obviously one of the best options. Aside from its strong economic growth, Australia offers the best opportunities to get ahead in life. No matter what the reason behind your move, Australia provides much better options for you or your loved one in the future.

High Cultural Diversity

Australia’s diverse culture of its populations, allowing you to feel at home no matter where you are in the country. It offers a rich cultural kaleidoscope throughout many layers of Australian culture and society. With almost 30% of the Australian population being immigrants, Australia is more welcoming towards immigrants and it allows you to better transition to your new home.

To help you make the necessary preparations in pursuing your career in Australia, contact our Career Development Consultant. Take a look at the requirements to apply for the visa you are eligible for and start your preparation towards a better tomorrow!.

Working & Skilled Visa Programs

These types of visas offer long terms benefits for you, these include:

  • Allows you to work, stay and study in Australia,
  • Allows you to enrol for health insurance from the Australian government (Medicare),
  • You may sponsor your family to come to Australia,
  • You may apply for a Permanent Visa, which allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely,

You may apply to become an Australian citizen

With these benefits, your future will be secured and there will be better opportunities for you.

Some of the visa type included in this category as follows:

  • Business Innovation and Investment (permanent) visa (subclass 888)
  • Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) visa (subclass 188)
  • Business Owner (subclass 890)
  • Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132)
  • Distinguished Talent visa (subclass 124)
  • Global Talent visa (subclass 858)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)
  • Investor visa (subclass 891)
  • Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa (subclass 191)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187)
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 494)
  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)
  • Skilled-Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476)
  • Skilled Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 489)
  • Skilled Regional visa (subclass 887)
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491)
  • State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner visa (subclass 892)
  • State or Territory Sponsored Investor visa (subclass 893)
  • Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408)
  • Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)
  • Temporary Work (International Relations) visa (subclass 403)
  • Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa (subclass 400)
  • Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482)

Working & Skilled Visa Requirements

To be eligible for these types of visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Aged between 18 and 44 inclusive
  • Have a relevant occupation on the visa occupation list (MLTSSL)
  • Have a relevant and suitable skills assessment for the occupation listed
  • Lodge an EOI and be invited to apply, the terms may vary from one type to another
  • Meet the points test pass mark of 65 (minimum requirements as of 1 July 2018)
  • Passed specific qualifications test as required by each visa types
  • Provide proof relevant English Mastery (IELTS score minimum 6 for each of the 4 components)
  • Received nomination to apply by a state or territory government agency, or an eligible relative must sponsor you
  • Received an invitation to apply

The requirements may vary from one type of visa to another, however those above are the common requirements for applying for a working visa to Australia. If you want to evaluate your eligibility to better understand your chance, click here

work in australian agriculture industry

Working Opportunities in Australia's Agriculture Industry

Australia emphasises great importance on agricultural sectors to provide enough food for its citizens, this in turn offers countless opportunities with lucrative offers to job seekers for both seasonal and permanent employment.

Working Opportunities in Australia's Mining Industry

Australia offers countless opportunities for job seekers looking forward to having a career in the mining and engineering industries. Explore great options for your future employment that offer attractive pay and benefits.

Working Opportunities in Australia's Hospitality Industry

With Australia making a steady recovery, the Hospitality industry is one of the industries that require the biggest number of workforce. Neurone will assist you to discover the position and role you are aiming for and make sure you are job ready to secure your dream job.

The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.

As the world slowly enters the reset point post Covid-19, there are many issues with the shortage of skilled workers due to a range of factors. Some of it caused by the pandemic and border closures, Australia is in dire need of labour forces, both casual and skilled.